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 2020 OPD Conference. Cancelled due to COVID-19. Will return in 2021.  

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Murphy’s Law and the Pursuit of Happiness:
by Dally Messenger III.
 The history of the Civil Celebrant movement in Australia.
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Welcome to the Celebrants Centre

The Celebrant Resource Centre

Established in 1995 for the benefit of Celebrancy World-Wide.

For more than twenty years our office and store have been effectively and efficiently providing quality, timely service to the celebrant community. Our excellent celebrant resources, stationery, books and certificate services are for all celebrants, and are now available to the ceremonial public.

Ceremonial Wares
   hand-made leather binders to enclose documents and ceremony papers
   Mipro PA systems
Our exclusive leather binders are made of top quality leather, designed in A4 to hold ceremony documents and/or your printed ceremony. Our smaller A5 folders hold your printed ceremony papers, or they can be inserted into A5 plastic sleeves. Beautifully made, these quality folders provide that unique professional look to you and your ceremonial presentation. Available in red, champagne, black, grey, dark blue and now cream.

   ceremony books and booklets to aid in the design of your ceremony including Ceremonies and Celebrations by Dally Messenger,
still the most comprehensive ceremony manual available.
   marriage packs with all your fundamental material to help you work with your client,
   special folders and stationery to help you with your ceremonial presentation.
The books are written by Australian celebrants for Australian ceremonies, (we are unique in the world in this area!) best sellers in their field, selected by us for their quality and practicality. Containing full and example ceremonies of all kinds, from semi-casual commitments to fully-rehearsed weddings. Must-have ceremonial aids for all occasions

   books and  brochures to provide information
   presentation certificates for family memories
   naming packs to help you work with your client family.
In our secular society, the naming ceremony is becoming a positive alternative to a religious baptism. Naming of a child has a long history in all cultures and is a vital family and community ceremony with considerable emotional impact. Our namegiving packs provide you and your client family with a choice of elegant, well designed certificates and information brochures.

Other ceremony
   commitment ceremony certificates to create special memories
   renewal of vows, a variety of certificates for this momentous occasion
   books to assist with ceremony design and delivery
Celebrants can provide individuals and families with ceremonies to suit all occasions, from divorce to retirement, from moving house to new jobs. Commitment ceremonies are unique and emotionally important for the couple, as is the wonderful occasion of a renewal or re-affirmation of vows.  Our commitment packs provide a choice of appreciation certificates and stylish couple certificates as your memory of this special day.

Rites of Passage
   The David Oldfield books
In this modern world, ceremony and ritual can and should be used to mark every special occasion, from first day at school to retirement, special birthdays and coming-of-age. By paying attention to these markers of our lives, we strengthen our internal and external relationships, with our families, friends and colleagues. As adults, we are sadly aware that some of our youth are struggling, the David Oldfield programmes have been used world-wide to help people of all ages, to record and express their own personal story. Facilitators trained by the International College can provide these courses.

   Funeral ceremony planning booklet, the first in the world, designed by funeral celebrant Kathy Hurley.
   Funeral books that inform families about the grieving process, special books for and about children
   Questionnaires to help the celebrant with the family interview
The importance of a properly prepared and delivered funeral service to the family, cannot be over-stated. At this most emotional of times, the importance of care and concern with the family is paramount. The funeral ceremony is the place where the family gets to say goodbye and we can plan the ceremony well ahead to save the family stress. The books we offer are selected for credibility and quality.

Print Service
   wedding, using your own wedding certificates, with a beautiful selection of fonts to suit all tastes.
   namegiving and certificates for family members, personalised according to the family needs
   commitment and renewal of vows, selected for design quality
Our laser printing service is a cost-effective method of providing professionally printed certificates at all your ceremonies. Choose fonts that suit the personality of the couple or family. Save time and wasted certificates by utilising this 24-hour turn-around service (where required).

Government publications
     Notices of Intent to Marry - (form 13)
   ♥  Marriage Register
Marriage Certificates (Pink Book, book of 10 form 16)
     Marriage Act 1961
     Marriage Regulations

Skills improvement
   How to Win Your Audience
   Ceremonial Public Speaking
   Legal Manual
As an Authorised Civil Celebrant, you are required to undertake professional development each year. You may also desire to mainten your knowledge and improve your skills outside the context of OPD. The books and manuals available are quality materials designed by skilled celebrants and used extensively within the College courses.

Our commitment is to quality, innovative celebratory materials and services that enhance and promote the role of ceremony in our society. Memories of special days can be enhanced by choosing elegant professionally printed certificates for your clients and their special friends, to commemorate their chosen event.  Books, booklets and brochures on all aspects of ceremony can give you ideas on how to make your ceremony special and to support you in your choices.

Please browse our catalogue of products and services. If there is something you would like but do not see, please let us know. Our range is constantly being updated and we would love to discuss your particular requirement. You can contact us at any time.


Copyright held by Dally Messenger III : All rights reserved.

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